Bad Traders


Anders Söderström [Mccarty]

He told me this:
Make sure to send Priority Mail and to get à Tracking code and mail it me.
after I sent him his dvds and he told me that he sent to me my dvds and he gave me a tracking number that never exist and told me that it is a error of the Swedish Post but I never received nothing of him, now I know that he has make more times this, this is a fucking wannabe person!!!!

His addy:
Anders Söderström
Norrbodavägen 7
Kungsängen 19636
Stockholm Sweden

and his mail

This is his nickname on dimeadozen is mccarty

This is his nickname on gnrbootlegsbrazil is mccarty


Alberto Neira & Frutz Neira from Chile

Alberto Neira
La tirana 158 (Codigo postal 8250926)
Villa Las Cruces, La Florida
Santiago, Region Metropolitana
Republica De Chile

and his mails:

This is his nickname on dimeadozen is catalinabele

This is his nickname on thetradersden is catalinabele


Alberto Leonardo Espinosa from Chile

Alberto Leonardo Espinosa
Estoril # 50 Oficina # 415
Las Condes, Santiago
Region Metropolitana
Codigo Postal 7591047
Republica de Chile.

and his mail:

This are his websites  and a lot of his dvds don't exist. This is his nickname on dimeadozen is judasrising

he is a liar and add good and bad traders in his list of traders without their permission, only to deceive traders

Now he has changed his website to other page and he continues trading, and I see him as a good trader on a russian website.


If you don't want lost a lot of dvds please don't trade with them, they are very liar and they are interested in ripp off people
FUCK this BAD Traders!!

Don't let that this liars don't trick you.