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Izzy Stradlin and the Juju Hounds
December 18, 1992
Tivoli Theatre
Dublin, Ireland

1. Bucket O' Trouble
2. Cuttin' The Rug
3. Jiving Sister Fanny
4. Time Gone By
5. Rocker
6. Somebody Knokin'
7. Pressure Drop
8. Little Red Rooster / Auld Lang Syne
9. Highway 49

Tracks 8 and 9 were un-split originally, I split them at the 4:40 mark (same as on the "Buried Alive" bootleg).

This bootleg is known under a few names: Buried Alive, Europe 1992, Somebody Knockin' and Rocker. Also is the same one as tracks 1-9 from Take A Look At The Guy bootleg.

Two songs (Pressure Drop and Crackin' Up) from this show were later put on the "Ain't It A Bitch" single and Japanese edition of 117º album.

Tracks 1-4 & 9 were later put on Ju Ju Hounds Live EP released in Japan only (08.09.1993)

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