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August 1, 2014
Unterpremstatten, Austria
Black Dog Barking Tour
See-Rock Festival

01 Intro (0:43)
02 Ready to rock (4:52)
03 Too much, too young, too fast (4:35)
04 No one fits me (better than you) (4:17)
05 Diamond in the Rough (3:03)
06 Girls in black (8:57)
07 Cheap Wine and cheaper Women (8:42)
08 Black Dog barking (2:59)
09 Chewin' the Fat (5:15)
10 Live it up (5:44)
11 Runnin' wild (incl. Paranoid & T.N.T.) (9:13)

Recorded from about 25m from the stage, center-right (2 m behind the Wavebreaker / bar)
Unfortunately due to recorder settings and the distance to the stage some of the audience noise turned out rather loud (and is overdriven at places). I tried to reduce the volume there, but of course these bits are still overdriven. Fortunately it's generally better and not as often (actually most of it is during the end of the last song) than in my recording of Uriah Heep's set.
After 'No one fits me better than you' Joel shouts "Fuckin' excited for tonight?!... With a bit of Boss Hoss... Way on to [?!] our favourite band Status Quo!! ... And then the Scorpions are gonna bang your fuckin' head off!". During the middle breakdown in 'Cheap Wine and cheaper Women' Joel shouts "Prost!" and "Get your drink, alle!". The he says "See, how many... how many of these beautiful Austrian women... can we get up on the shoulders... what'd'ya reckon...?!" and then he counts "One, ..., two... come on, ... three, four, five...six, come on, I'll give you a beer!". At 5:15 during 'Running wild' he shouts "For Malcolm Young!" before the band plays a few riffs of 'T.N.T.'. After this last song he shouts "It's good be to back rockin' in fuckin' Austria!" and a little later "Have a good one tonight, we'll see you at the bar!".
Cheap Wine and expensive Beer

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1 CD
Cheap Wine and expensive Beer
Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder
Sony ECM-TS125 Electret Condenser Business Microphone -> Olympus LS-10 (PCM WAV 44.1kHz/16bit) -> PC -> Nero Wave Editor -> FLAC Level 6
58:20 min.