Audio Recordings

Izzy Stradlin and the Juju Hounds
February 26, 1993
Cabaret Metro
Chicago, IL, United States

Bucket o' Trouble
Cuttin' the Rug
Jiving Sister Fanny
Crackin' Up
Time Gone By
My Fault
Shuffle It All
Somebody Knockin'
Train Tracks
Pressure Drop
Little Red Rooster
Highway 49
Wipe Out
Battleship Chains
Goodnight Tonight

Mics were mounted on the top rail at the Metro.  
Mics were Realistic Lavalier's spread at ORTF.

1 CD
Tape Junkie
Analog Master. Sony D6 Pro Analog recorder with Dolby B
Tape Junkie
Analog Master > CD-R (HHB CDR-800) > Apple G3 using xACT for FLAC conversion (Set at level 8)